How I use Coconut Oil

how I use coconut oil

Hi guys! In my first article, I will concentrate on my favorite coconut oil. It’s very popular food and cosmetics product. It’s really universal and multifunctional solution for many skin or hair problems. It has perfect nutrition value because it’s rich in high-quality fats, vitamins, minerals and other active substances.

But if you can buy this oil, you should take oil cold pressed because it has the most beneficial substances. Everyone must find a favorite brand. Don’t buy very cheap oil because a price is often associated with quality.

Coconut oil is great for cooking

I use coconut oil when I prepare pancakes, waffles, cakes or other sweet meal for breakfast or snack. I use this oil instead of rapeseed oil, sunflower oil or butter. I like its taste in sweet meals. Coconut oil has also great heat properties. It resists high temperature and you don’t overburn oil so fast.

coconut oil from Purity Vision

For cooking, you can use refined coconut oil. The hight temperature during cooking depreciates beneficial substances. Expensive cold pressed coconut oil is here waste of money. You can use cold pressed coconut oil during preparation RAW foods. For cooking, I use coconut oil from Purity Vision. It’s without smell and taste.

Coconut oil is moisturizer for hair and skin

I love using coconut oil on my hair. I usually mix it with some other oil like argan oil, sesame oil or almond oil. Now I use organic coconut oil with lavender scent and it’s so great. It’s from Slovak brand Soaphoria. I put coconut oil on my hair overnight or before I wash my hair (about 30 minutes earlier). If it’s too solid, I dissolve the oil in a microwave oven or I just warm it in my hands.

coconut oil Soaphoria

I have short hair right now, so I use only one or two spoons on my whole head. I try put coconut oil mostly to tips of my hair. After this procedure, I wash my hair like usually. I use only organic shampoos and I apply two doses. Oil is gone from my hair and it left moisturizer.

I don’t put coconut oil directly on my face, but I use some cleaning product who contain coconut oil. Now I use Dr. Bronner’s ALL-ONE! soap and it contains Potassium Cocoate. It’s salt from the fatty acids present in coconut oil.

spoon with coconut oil

I like using coconut oil on my body. It’s great in the bath or instead body cream. In the bath, you can mix coconut oil with some essentials oils and every time I get a unique product.

That is all from my “Coconut oil routine”.

Do you use coconut oil? For what purpose?

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