How to Become a Morning Person

how to become a morning person

Hi guys! A lot of people wants to become “Morning Person”. I work from home and yet I try to get out of my bed early. When I wake up early, I do so much work. My day is also much longer. If I go to bed late, I don’t sleep well and I’m tired all day. In the evening I have inclinations to procrastination but in the morning I’m ready to work immediately. I try to work harder and have my work stuff done earlier. Then I can enjoy my free time.

So I prepare few tips for you. You can read it, try it and let me know how they worked.

Plan your day

Is really good have fixed schedule. I try to plan next day in the evening before. I plan work, meetings, gym or every other activity. My plan starts in the morning and I try to stick my plan. I create my own routine and repeat it every single day. For me, it’s important to wake up at the same hour every day, even on weekends. I usually get out of my bed before 7:00.

Prepare yourself good and healthy breakfast

Tasty breakfast gets you out of bed. Sometimes people skip the breakfast and it’s a shame because tasty and healthy breakfast helps to start metabolism. You can eat wholemeal bread with ham, cheese or eggs. Also, you can try oatmeal or healthy pancakes with yogurt, jam, nuts and a lot of fruit.

Train in the morning

Do you go regularly to the gym? Do you swim or run? If you start training in the morning, you feel better. After the workout, you can be undisturbedly productive until the evening. Of course, this isn’t for everyone. But you can try and see how it will work for you.

Get out of bed immediately after you wake up

Let alarm clock repeatedly ring is a bad habit. You steal precious time when you can sleep. Or worse – you wake your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. Try to get out of bed immediately after ringing and you see the difference. You will save some time and be more productive in the morning and during rest of the day.

Go to bed early

If you want to get up early, is very important go to bed sooner. Is recommended sleep optimally 8 hours. If you have mentally or physically challenging work or if you sport a lot, you will sleep maybe more hours. Isn’t helpful sleep a few hours and then work, just because you want to get up early.

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